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Logos from companies within the digital adoption industry

Short history and background

The digital transformation process for companies has had its origins in the 90s when ideas of the first digital services or products started sprouting. Alongside this transformation, firms began to understand they also had the responsibility of aiding and guiding the people who used their digital goods.

I remember not everything was particularly smooth, those days, when it came to “guiding” users. I still recall the pain I had to endure installing applications or drivers on Windows ‘98 or Windows Millenium.

However, I felt a true revolution in the onboarding of digital products in the early 2010s, thanks to the rise of smart devices and the ever-expanding social media networks. These were important factors in bringing people closer to companies offering digital services. And vice versa. It completely changed the perception of “digital” goods, IMO.

Blooming competition

Moving fast forward to more recent days, the digital transformation evolved into many different aspects. Hundreds of firms competing for leadership within various niches, offering complimentary services or all-in-one solutions.

Each of these ventures is trying to attract and retain customers with better and smoother experiences, more and more relevant features in order not to fall short of meeting their customer’s expectations.

A vital aspect that ventures needed to take into account was that they had to engulf themselves in memorable and original branding cloak, in order to survive and thrive in this competitive war of attrition.

Showcase of brands

So, this article’s goal is a simple one. To showcase the logos from leaders, challengers, and newbie ventures offering services in the onboarding of people using web applications.

I found some of the following brands to be quite fresh, slick, and inspiring… while others, let’s say, need a bit more love. It’s up to you, the reader, to judge for your own 🙂

The curated list of logos is meant to simply provide inspiration and is not a contest. The logos are alphabetically ordered. Enjoy!



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