Top 6 product tour solutions

Silviu Iordache

July 20th, 2021

Onboarding experiences and product tours

Quality user onboarding is vital for the success of your online products. Your user’s journey needs to be as smooth as possible, lacking any frustration points in order to improve your churn rate and keep your drop-off rate low.

One solution to this would be to implement your own custom solution for onboarding. Although you could implement this to be just the way you want the onboarding experience, this is often time-consuming.

Adopting a product tour solution by using a SaaS that specializes in this kind of onboarding experience, often with little to no code, so that even a person without an engineering background could do it.

The product tour market is a competitive area, with many good tools out there. Although we won’t cover all of them here, you can at least get a quick overview of the market from this article on how product tour services look after their branding and logos.

In this article, we will present some of the solutions out there. These are varied, but you should be able to find the right one for your business needs and size.

1. Bytes Route


Bytes Route is easy to use, and collaboration is aided with the use of the Teams feature. Analytics reports are also available for all your tours. You can see how performant your walkthroughs are and if users encounter any errors while running them.

Tours created with Bytes Route work across multiple URLs and support for dynamic URLs (often found in SPAs) is also here.

You can customize the styling of your product tours without any code or CSS. It’s all done from the dashboard, from a real-time theme editor, unlike some other products on this list, which require you to add or edit a custom CSS.


Creating a style theme in Bytes Route

With Bytes Route, you can create tours and hook them to actions in your webpage (this part will require a little coding on your part). You can also toggle your tours to appear in a helper UI element, called the Launch Widget, that contains appropriate tours for the user’s page. (similar to Chameleon’s Launcher)

Although it does not showcase all the extra features of the other tools, it certainly has everything you need to get started to create polished product tours for your business.

All the things you need to get started are here, at a very competitive price, the best on this list by a significant margin.

Its simplicity can also be seen as a pro for some people, as it is straightforward to use. The initial setup, creating your first tour, and having it run on your webpage will take less than 5 minutes.

Combine this with the fact that it’s one of the most affordable pricing plan on the list. Staring at just 9$/month, you won’t break the bank, creating stable onboarding experiences.

Aimed at: start-ups and small to mid-sized businesses

Price: Free tier, 9$ first premium tier (60-days trials for Premium features are also available)


  • custom themes
  • analytics
  • team management
  • accessible price: 9$ for the Starter Tier
  • simple to set up and use
  • a limited suite of UI elements (only tooltips and product tours)
  • no Segmentation yet (although present on the roadmap)
  • only linear tours

2. Intercom: Product Tours


Intercom is a conventional platform with multi-pronged support, marketing, and engagement features. It recently also released an add-on solution for onboarding called Product Tours. This add-on can be used to create basic and linear product tours for your customers as well as frameless video tours.

A/B testing or in-depth analytics are unfortunately not present for Intercom Product Tours.

Without adding custom CSS, the customization options are fairly limited.

Only a handful of UI elements are available here: walkthrough, modals, tooltips. However, if you are already invested in the Intercom ecosystem, this might be a great fit for your business. Take note that, if you are a new user, that is only interested in the product tour bit, you are going to be asked a pretty steep price.

Aimed at: big-sized companies and enterprises that already adopted Intercom’s ecosystem.

Price: 199$ /month (packed with the other Intercom addons and solutions)


  • easy to set up with little engineering help if you already have Intercom messaging
  • integration with Intercom’s customer support solution
  • frameless video tours
  • basic tour options
  • locked within the Intercom ecosystem
  • lacking more in-depth analytics for product tour data
  • editing a tour can be cumbersome
  • steep pricing (as Product Tours is part of a bigger solution)

3. Userpilot


With Userpilot, you can create branching and interactive onboarding walkthroughs as well as product tours. This solution has custom actions that you can set as triggers for your flows. For example, a button is pressed, or a text field is filled.

Userpilot also features a diverse set of UI elements, tooltips, checklists, videos, and slideouts, being only some of them.

User segmentation is also here if you wish to only launch tours for a discrete portion of your audience. You also get analytics for your tours.

Setup is done by installing a chrome extension and adding a JS script into your website. A/B testing is also a big plus for Userpilot. This product also integrates with some other software, such as Intercom, Heap, and Segment.

All in all, Userpilot offers a lot of features, but these come at a premium price.

Aimed at: mid to big-sized businesses, people who want more customization features for their tours or who want integration with other software

Price: 249$/month


  • Many customizable UI elements
  • Analytics
  • A/B testing
  • Integrations with other software
  • Expensive

4. WalkMe


WalkMe is super packed with features, consisting of an entire suite of solutions, acting as a Digital Adoption Platform, including Analytics, Segmentation, Multi-language support, A/B testing, and many UI elements. Product tours are just a part of what they offer.

Top-notch data-Security is something they like to pride themselves on. WalkMe features AI that tries to automatically serve the appropriate tours for users, based on their actions.

The feature-rich product is impressive, but you will have to decide whether it’s worth your time to understand how to use them. If you only need a few features, maybe a simpler product from the list might be worth your time.

All the great features come at a cost, though. The pricing is decided based on the business needs, but various sources cite prices as starting as high as 9000$ for a license.

Aimed at: very large to enterprise-level businesses

Price: negotiated based on needs ~9000$ for a license


  • Packed with features
  • Analytics
  • Segmentation
  • Multi-language support
  • A/B testing
  • Steep price
  • Big set of features might prove overwhelming to get the hang of and understand what your essentials needs are

5. Chameleon


Chameleon offers many UI elements, such as tooltips, hotspots, slideouts. You can also build comprehensive onboarding walkthroughs, as well as checklist-type UI for users to complete.

Branching product tours is a missing feature here, but it does offer triggers based on events that a user might perform on the page (button click, hover, etc.)

In terms of audience-related features, Chameleon has audience segmentation as well as micro surveys if you wish to have total control over who sees what and when. Just be prepared to put in the extra work.

Some coding will be required to set up some features, such as custom styling.

Theme customization is here, but it comes in the form of custom CSS, making people without engineering or design web experience be left out.

A big bonus is the integrations with tools like Intercom, Heap, Slack, Amplitude, etc.

Aimed at: mid to large-sized businesses

Price: 279$/month per 2000 MAU


  • many UI elements
  • Integration with other software
  • Custom CSS (if you want to tweak your style down to the pixel)
  • a hefty price at 279$ /month for 2000 MAU
  • Custom coding for some features might not appeal to people with non-engineering backgrounds.
  • Basic pricing tiers are lacking essential features (A/B testing, only one launcher, five surveys)

6. Appcues


Appcues is a solid choice if you are looking to guide your users through your website, with no code required. It features many elements, like Tooltips, slide-outs, alerts, welcome modals, and more.

User segmentation is also being offered, to target only specific portions of your users with the product tours. Non-linear tours are not offered here.

Team collaboration is present here.

Some other great features that Appcues has are NPS surveys and notifications for new features

Because of the multiple features added over time, the interface can seem a little crowded and turn off some users.

Aimed at: large-sized businesses

Price: 249$/month per 2500MAU


  • Many UX elements
  • Plenty of content on their website to help you with creating better tours.
  • The interface can be hard to navigate because of the many options and features.
  • Styling options only from custom CSS


All of the presented product tour software are performant and viable solutions if you are looking to create onboarding walkthroughs and even more.

Are you working for a large-sized company and are looking for a comprehensive solution with many options? Appcues or Intercom might be a good fit for you. Product Tours are not the only thing they offer, but be prepared to pay a premium price for the entire package they are offering.

Are you a start-up or a smaller-sized company? Bytes Route might suit your needs if all you are looking for is a simple-to-use tool for creating product tours.

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