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Bytes Route 1.0.0 Release Notes

The first stable version of Bytes Route is here!

We are proud to announce that July 31st, 2020 marks the release of Bytes Route v1.0.0 – Ant 🐜

This release includes a stable version of the script, extension, dashboard, Launch widget, and the API.

In addition, we added a way to filter by owner, the tours available in the Launch widget, we made several user experience improvements for the edit-mode and publishing a tour. We also fixed numerous bugs that hindered tour running and tour creation.


  • Added an option to only display tours made by a specific owner on your website.
  • The user id is now part of the dashboard


  • Improved the user experience of editing an already published tour.
  • Clicking the publish toggle will now display a confirmation window.
  • The app side of the site now sits under the ‘/app’ route (previously: ‘/stash’)


  • Fixed tour security issues.
  • Fixed a bug where tours couldn’t be published & unpublished from the dashboard.
  • Fixed a bug where the step pop-up wouldn’t position itself correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where users couldn’t move to the next step in a SPA.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t run an unpublished Tour from your dashboard.
  • Fixed a bug where running a tour was getting users stuck in an infinite loop.
  • Fixed the demo tour available in the extension.
  • Fixed some bugs that generated console errors.

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