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Bytes Route 1.13 Release Notes

New release: Bytes Route version 1.13 – Newt 🦎

Bytes Route 1.13 – Newt is here. This release added the option to edit tour steps and start tour creation directly from the web-app. Simplified the Product Tours view, made the registration flow easier, and fixed multiple bugs in the web-app.


✏️ Edit tour steps from the web-app

Added the option to edit tours from the web-app. You can change step options and step description from a new tab in the Tour Details view, called Edit Steps.

🏁 Start tour creation from the web-app

You can now start the tour creation process directly from the web-app, by filling in the website URL where the tour creation should start.


  • Improved the Product Tours view, by grouping domain cards with no tours at the bottom, in a single card.
  • Added the number of days left for a subscription in the Subscription Overview card, under the Dashboard tab.
  • Easier registration flow, after registration, the user will automatically be logged in his account.
  • Added a new lading page containing all the major Bytes Route releases – Version History.
  • Added the option to stop the tour during the running phase, if it couldn’t find the element. This action can be done by pressing the close (X) button in the top-right of the window.


  • Fixed a bug where duplicate domain cards would appear in Tutorials Tab
  • Fixed a bug where active tours weren’t correctly counted.
  • Fixed a bug where team owners could remove themselves from their own teams.

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