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Bytes Route 1.2.0 Release Notes

New release: Bytes Route version 1.2.0 – Cat 🐈

This release includes support for SPAs with dynamic parts in the URLs, a redesigned Dashboard with an onboarding flow for new users, and tour statistics. The landing page also has a new design.

Various improvements have been made to make the tour creation more intuitive and easy-to-use. In terms of bugs, we fixed the password-reset system and bugs involving the tour creation.


  • Implemented support for tours made on Single Page Applications, where some steps would contain dynamic URL parts, such as app ids or generated hashes.
  • Implemented a redesigned Dashboard which includes the new-user onboarding flow. This will guide new users of Bytes Route through the main steps of using the application in an interactive way. The new dashboard will be offering users an automatically generated script to be copied on their website and also show users what domains they have the script installed on.
  • Added tour statistics in the Tour Detailed View. Users can now see how many times a tour is started, finished, how many errors were encountered by users as well as how many users reached each step of the tour.


  • The landing page has a new design
  • The tour description is now optional. You can now save a tour without adding one.
  • Improved the customized emails sent to users.
  • Added a toast-notification appearing in the top-right corner of the browser notifying users that the extension can be used for tour editing during creation.
  • Added a toast-notification that appears each time a step has been saved, acting as a feedback to users.
  • Improved the UX of deleting and editing a tour in the extension.
  • Updated the element selector text.


  • Fixed the forgot password service.
  • Fixed a bug where selecting certain page elements with long attributes would lead to the tour being lost when trying to save it.
  • Fixed a bug that made tours, which have steps with element navigation blocked, to crash while running them.
  • Fixed minor visual bugs with the extension buttons.
  • Fixed bugs that would generate errors in the browser’s console.

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