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Bytes Route 1.3.0 Release Notes

New release: Bytes Route version 1.3.0 – Dolphin 🐬

This release includes the option to toggle the visibility of the Launch widget in your page, UX improvements in the extension and dashboard, and multiple UI & logic bugfixes in the script, extension, and dashboard.


  • Implemented a script option to show the Launch widget on the page.


  • Improved the way users start a tutorial from the extension. You will no longer accidentally start the tour by clicking anywhere in the tutorial card. A tutorial can now be started from the extension, only by clicking the [Play] button.
  • Improved the publish switch button to also be toggled by pressing the label.
  • Improved the look of the blog and the blog articles.


  • Fixed a bug with dynamic URL detection that would get stuck on certain SPAs.
  • Fixed a bug involving tutorial statistics, where the step reached data wouldn’t increment if it was set to be navigated via “element click”.
  • Fixed a bug where users who were already logged in the dashboard, wouldn’t get the correct login redirect from the extension.
  • Fixed a bug, in which, if you pressed [Logout] from the “Tutorial detailed view”, it would redirect you to the wrong page.
  • Fixed multiple minor visual bugs in the extension and the dashboard

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