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Bytes Route 1.5.0 Release Notes

New release: Bytes Route version 1.5.0 – Flamingo 🦩

Bytes Route 1.5.0 – Flamingo is here. Like the social flamingos that live in colonies, this release also offers you the chance to cooperate with your colleagues, through the new Team Management feature.


  • Introducing Bytes Route Teams, a new way to manage your tours.
  • Before version 1.5.0, users could create tours and add them to their applications, but managing these tours as a team or organization was a bit of a struggle.
  • Now, users can join together in Teams. All members of a team can view, test, and edit the same shared tours. This makes it easier to collaborate with your peers.
  • Users can create and be part of multiple teams.

Important Changes

  • With release 1.5.0, some big changes happened underneath the hood, meaning you will need to include the new script in your application for your tours to continue to work.
  • New Script
    • This new script is available in your Dashboard, just like the old script.
    • The old script will no longer work, since it contains the user id (replaced now by the team id)
    • Each team will have its own id, and as a result, its own script.
    • If you wish for tours built under two different teams to run on your website, you will need to include the script for both of them.
  • Old Tours compatibility
    • For the tours you created before 1.5.0 to continue to work, they need to be edited and assigned a team.
    • The new Tour finalization pop-up now has a field for choosing a Team.

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Bytes Route is a digital adoption tool designed for non-technical people to create no-code product tours for web applications.

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