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Bytes Route 1.9.0 Release Notes

New release: Bytes Route version 1.9.0 – Jaguar 🐆

The new Bytes Route 1.9.0 – Jaguar version is here! This release brings multiple bug fixes and stability improvements in both the web-app and the extension.

Added Features

Added a new option in the Product Tours tab

In this update of our product, we made the option to “Clear all errors” more accessible to the users. Now,you can clear tour errors encountered by users,directly from the Product Tours tab. Find more details in our dedicated docs.

Before this update, you could only clear errors by going to the Tour Analytics menu, but now it is easier to find and use.

product tour error clear

Main improvements

  • Domain cards are now arranged in the same order on each page load
  • Implemented security improvements for the web-app
  • Improved web-app paths
  • Made the documentation table of contents sticky
  • Added a confirmation window when attempting to leave the creation or editing process of a theme
  • Added a form that lets users subscribe to Mailchimp in each blog post
  • Simplified tour details URLs
  • Made the menu tabs in the Tour Details persist between page reloads.
  • Creating a new theme will no longer autofill the name of that theme with “New theme”

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where navigating on the same tab in the web-app would cause errors.
  • Fixed a bug where tours wouldn’t run if created on a sub-resource page (e.g: /index.html, /about.html)
  • Fixed a bug where the list of tours wouldn’t update after deleting a tour
  • Fixed a bug that would cause console errors when toggling tour options
  • Fixed bugs that caused Register, Login, Reset Password forms to have overlapping validation errors be displayed
  • Fixed a bug where the total theme occurrences wouldn’t properly count for the default theme
  • Fixed a bug that would cause users to get errors when getting invited in a new team

About us

Bytes Route is a digital adoption tool designed for non-technical people to create no-code product tours for web applications.

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