Bytes Route 1.10 Release Notes

Bytes Route

November 8th, 2021

New release: Bytes Route version 1.10 - Koala 🐨

Bytes Route 1.10 - Koala is here. This release brings users a new dashboard, an improved onboarding experience, and the option to run tours in several languages

New Features

Dashboard 2.0

An improved and more intuitive dashboard. This new look gives you an overview of the main stats regarding your tours, teams, and domains. Now, you can also easily access the management views for each feature from the navigation bar.

More info in the docs
bytes route dashboard overview

The new Dashboard

An improved Onboarding

A simpler and optimized onboarding is now also available, in order to better explain to new users how to set up Bytes Route for the first time.

bytes route onboarding script detected

The onboarding component displaying the list of domains detected that have the script installed


This new feature lets you run tours in different languages.

bytes route multi language

Choosing a language for your Product Tour

The current set of supported languages includes English, French, German, Spanish, Indian, Hindi and Romanian. We plan to add even more languages based on your feedback, so send us an email if you want a new language added.

multi run

Example of a tour running in Spanish

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