Bytes Route 1.4.0 Release Notes

Bytes Route

November 3rd, 2020

New release: Bytes Route version 1.4.0 - Elephant 🐘

This release includes a redesigned Tour Analytics view and new documentation for Bytes Route. Several visual improvements have been made in the creation script and the blog. It also fixes bugs in the tour creation phase, tour running phase and the demo tour on the landing page not running properly.


  • Implemented a redesigned Tour Analytics view.
  • Implemented brand new documentation.


  • Improved blog visuals: back button, author info, images.
  • Improved the dashboard link button in the extension.
  • Made small visual improvements in the tour creation script.


  • Fixed a navigation bug where the page reloaded after each step.
  • Fixed a navigation bug for steps involving radio buttons.
  • Fixed the demo tour on the landing page.

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