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Bytes Route 1.8.0 Release Notes

New release: Bytes Route version 1.8.0 – Impala 🦌

Bytes Route 1.8.0 – Impala is here. This release includes the Custom Themes feature, which lets you visually customize your product tours, a redesigned Launch Widget, and the option to reset a tour’s statistics. Also included in this release are security improvements and bug fixes in the dashboard.


1. Custom themes 🎨

Customize the looks of your product tours to match your personal preferences or your brand’s identity. Share your created themes with your team members.

You can find the new feature under the new Themes tab. From here, you can create, edit and manage your themes.

Use the new live editor to create the perfect theme. Choose colors and see how the tour’s popup updates in real-time.

theme creation
Theme creation using the Live-editor

When creating or editing a tour, you can now choose a theme for it. You can also ignore this option and go with the default theme.

  • Customizable elements:
    • pop-up window background color.
    • step text color
    • navigation button’s Idle and hover colors (text and background)

You can read more about this exciting new feature in the Themes Docs

2. Launch widget 2.0

The Launch widget receives a brand new look that makes it easier for your users to find and launch tours.

launch widget new
New Launch widget


  • You can now reset analytics data for a tour. Read more
  • You can now also access a tour’s details by clicking its name.
  • Improved the authentication forms to better work with Google’s Password Manager.
  • Improved landing page for mobile screen sizes.
  • Minor security improvements


  • Fixed a bug that caused duplicate or wrong domains to appear in the list of websites found with the script installed.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t exit tour creation mode on MacOS.
  • Fixed a bug where two users working on the same machine would both see the welcome to team invite pop-up.

New Content

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