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Bytes Route 1.17 Release Notes 

New release: Bytes Route version 1.17.0 – Snail 🐌

Bytes Route 1.17.0 – Snail is here. Starting with this version, users can edit the previous steps in an easier way while creating a tour. Also, you can now see a preview of each individual step as you’re building your tour, making it easier to visualize how the final steps will look.


Edit steps – This new feature allows you to change any options of the previous steps directly from the Tour Editor while creating or editing a tour.

Change anchor – You can now change the selected element on which the step will appear while editing or creating a step. You just need to press the “Change anchor” button and select the new element.

Preview steps – When creating or editing a tour, a live preview of the step will appear on the screen as you fill in the options of the step. This live preview helps you see how the walkthroughs look for the end users.

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