Header & Dashboard

This page describes the functionality of the main web application components.

Header & navigation options

The header and navigation is the top-side component of the Bytes Route web application. Using it lets you switch teams, manage your account and navigate between tabs. It’s main components are:

  • Bytes Route logo
  • Team selector
  • Profile dropdown
  • The navigation tab bar
Bytes Route header

Team Selector

The team selector displays the currently selected team. See more details on how to operate on a team in the team overview docs.

Profile Dropdown

The profile drop list displays the account name of the currently logged user. Clicking it will also show the “Password Reset” option and a “Logout” button.

Accessing tour options from the profile dropdown

The navigation bar contains tabs that you can switch between to get to the various management pages

The Bytes Route dashboard

The dashboard is an overview of the team’s data within Bytes Route. From the dashboard you can perform the following actions:

The Bytes Route dashboard

Getting onboard with Bytes Route

This component guides you through the initial setup. It contains 3 steps:

Bytes Route onboarding component

Viewing your current subscription

This widget displays your current subscription as well as the number of currently active tours.


Viewing quick analytics on all your product tours

In this card, you can view an aggregation of all the tour data within the current team. Find more information on this matter in the Tour Analytics docs.

Analytics for all the tours

Team Members

See the current number of team members and quickly access the Team Management view.

Team card on the Dashboard

Getting help

If you need help setting up, you can quickly access the Documentation or send us an email to the Bytes Route support by clicking on ‘Contact us’.

Need help card on the Dashboard