Product tours page

Creators can manage their tours by accessing the product tours tab, in the Bytes Route web app. The tab contains a list of created product tours, grouped by the domains cards where the tours were created. The list is unique for each team.

Domain cards

The tours are grouped in cards, by the domains they are created on (the URL of the first step in that tour). Each domain card contains the following:

product tours management
A list of all the created product tours for a team

Tour information

Each card contains one or more product tours, each displayed on a separate row. Each tour row contains information and actions.

The tour title

Clicking the title will take you to the Tour Details page, which contains the Tour Analytics and Tour Options.

The tour completion rate

This is a ratio expressed in percentages (%) between the number of times the tour was started and completed (the user reached the final step). More information on analytics in the Basic analytics – tour stats docs.

Tour errors

If end-users encounter any errors while running the tour, the number of errors will be displayed here. More info on errors can be found in the Analytics docs on Errors.

Quick launch options

Two launch options are available for easy access:

  1. Tour Autorun
  2. Tour widget visibility

These 2 options and others can be found in the Tour Options menu, accessed either by clicking the name of the tour or on the See Details button.

More Options

Clicking on the three dots icon, in the “More” column, will enable creators to perform specific actions on a tour:

  • Run Tour: open a new tab and launch the tour directly
  • Get tour ID: useful if you want to launch a specific tour based on an action performed on the page (user clicked a button or performed an action). For more info see Tour custom launch.
  • Clear errors: erase tour errors from the tour statistics. More info on Reset Analytics
  • Delete Tour: permanently delete a tour. A confirmation dialogue will pop up before the actual tour is erased.
Moreoptions 1
More options for a product tour