Tour options page

Creators can set several options for a product tour from the Options page in the Tour Details menu.

tour options page

Run options

Using this component, you can set options directly related to launching the tour.

In the tour options page, besides autorunning and displaying in the launch widget, creators can also make use of other options:

Autorun on page start

This option allows tour creators to set a tour to launch automatically when the page that it was created on loads. For more information about this option, you can read the Tour Autorun Docs.

Run only once

This option determines if a product tour runs only once or multiple times. More info in the Run only once docs.

Run delay

This option determines how much time delay (in milliseconds) the tour is launched with. More info in Run delay docs.

Run Tour

From this component, you can directly launch the tour. Launching the tour from here won't increment the tour's statistics.

run options

Launch widget visibility

Toggle the tour's visibility inside the Launch Widget. More info in the Tour visibility in the Launch Widget Docs.

widget visibility

Tour theme

Using this component, you can change the tour's theme. More info in the UI Themes Docs.

tour theme

Tour language

From this section, you can change the tour's language. More info in the Multi-language Docs.


Run Tour

Using this option, creators can test a tour by launching it directly from this page. Launching the tour using this method won't increment the tour's analytics.

run tour

Tour ID

From this component, you can copy the tour's ID. This is needed for a custom programmatic tour launch. More info on the tour custom launch.

tour id widget