The dashboard is the main control panel. From here you can control your profile, your teams, and your tours.


The Dashboard

Team Selector

This displays the currently selected team. Clicking it, allows you to switch to another team or create a new one. Switching to a new team will change the list of tours displayed in the "Product Tours" section.


Switching teams from the Team Selector

Profile Dropdown

This displays the account name of the currently logged user. Clicking it will also reveal the "Password Reset" option and a "Log out" button.


Accessing options from the profile dropdown

Script Scanner

The script scanner contains the bytes route script for the current team. This can be copied and hooked to whatever domains you want the script to run on.

It also contains the list of domains that the script has been added to, so far.


Script Scanner in expanded mode

Notice that if the script hasn't been added to any domains, you will see a warning about this.


Warning: Script not detected on any domain

Product Tours

The section contains the tours for the currently selected Team. The tours are grouped by the domains they are started on.

For each domain card, you will see:

  • if the script is detected or not on that domain.
  • a list of all the tours that start on this domain.

Tour Options (the 3 dots)

These are actions you can perform on the tour. These are:

  • Run Tour: open a new tab and launch the tour directly
  • Get tour id: useful if you want to launch a specific tour based on an action performed on the page (user clicked a button or performed an action). For more info see Tour custom triggering.
  • Delete Tour: permanently delete a tour. A confirmation dialogue will pop-up before the actual tour is erased.

The list of product tours

Team management

This is where the currently selected team can be managed. Team owners can rename the team, and manage the members.

For more info, you can read the detailed Team management docs.


Team management tab