Tour Languages

The multi-language feature allows creators to set a tour to run in a specific language.

The default language for a tour is English. At the moment, there are 7 languages to choose from: English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi, and Romanian.

The affected components are the UI elements that the user interacts with. These include the text in the buttons and some informative texts on some alerts.

Below is an example of how the texts on the Tour Step buttons look like in different languages:





Note: Notice how the text for step description isn’t translated. This responsibility is currently up to the tour creator.

We recommend writing the descriptions of the steps in a single language and set the tour to run in that specific language.

  • Want to see a new language added to the list above?
  • Have any suggestions for the multi-language feature?
  • Noticed any typo in any of the current language translations?

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