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Bytes Route Script

The script is what will connect your website with Bytes Route and enable tours on it. Bytes Route works with the concept of teams. Each team has its own id and hosts multiple team-members.

You can find the script for your current team, in the Dashboard. Copy this script and add it to your website's head.

If a team member already added the script for a domain, you will see that domain in the list when pressing 'Detect Script'.

Example: With 'Team A' being selected, the dashboard will display the script for this team. It will include the id of this team, in this case: 12345.


Bytes Route script for Team A, in the Dashboard

<script id="brt-script" src="https://www.bytesroute.com/script.js?id=12345"></script>

Example of the bytesroute script for a team with the id of '12345'.

Programmatic Injection

If you wish to delay adding this script in your page, until a further event occurs, you can check Programmatic Injection for more information.