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This feature allows users to invite and collaborate with their peers. Members of a team can view, create, edit, track, and manage the tours together.

Team logic

A user can create a team and invite other peers, friends, or collaborators to join it.

A user can be part of multiple teams.

When saving a tour, in the Tour finalization popup, the tour creator must choose what team will be assigned to the tour. This is mandatory and cannot be omitted; a tour must belong to a team. This way, even when a team member in your organization leaves and you decide to also remove him from the current team, the tour created by that ex-member will persist, since it belongs to the team (not the user that created it).

Any tour you create for a team is visible to all the members of that team.

All users will get a new team when registering an account. The initial team will have the following name pattern: YourName's Team (where YourName is the Name you registered the account with). This team name can be edited and changed as desired from the Team management panel.