How to launch tours

Tours can be launched in various ways, depending on wheter you are the creator or the end-user:

For users

via Tour custom triggering

via Launch widget

  • This method represents another way for users to launch tours.
  • The Launch widget is an optional bubble that can appear on your website, containing the most common tours.
  • Users would open this widget, search for the appropriate tour and launch it manually.
  • For more info, you can read theLaunch widget docs.
For creators

via Extension

  • The Tour Editor Extension contains a list of all created tours. Clicking any of them will launch that tour.
  • Launching tours from the Extension is a way for creators to test their newly created tours quickly.
  • For more info, you can read theExtension docs.

via Dashboard

  • The Detailed View of each tour in the dashboard also contains the option to Launch the Tour directly from that page.
  • For more info, you can read theDashboard Docs.