Web Product Tour Software
for Non-Technical People

So straightforward that it doesn’t require a developer or a consultant. Publish your first product tour in minutes. You can do it all by yourself!

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Publish your first tour in just 2 minutes:

1. Initial Setup:

  • Create your account on
  • Download the Bytes Route Chrome Extension to create and edit the tours.
  • Connect Bytes Route to your web domain.

2. Design, publish your tours & check the analytics. Come back for improvements.

Complete documentation for every step, here.

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When you use a product walkthrough software you will get:

  • Increased user satisfaction and experience
  • Less customer support tickets
  • Increased product consumption
  • Increased customer retention
  • Improved trial-to-customer conversion rate
  • Increased efficiency of the onboarding process
  • Scalable training effort: every tour available to every student
  • Allow users or students to retake the tour as many times as they need
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Ideal choice for non-technical professionals looking to get things done:

  • SaaS companies that focus on product adoption & consumption
  • Early start-ups, customer-centric and focused on fast growth
  • E-commerce websites to educate their customers in specific processes like purchasing process or account creation
  • Marketers with low access to technical resources in charge of the onboarding process
  • Product Managers presenting the new feature to the Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support colleagues
  • Sales Reps when they want to have meaningful & valuable follow-ups
  • Onboarding managers will add an interactive dimension to the traditional onboarding process.
  • All the teams that are resource-aware and focused on the true performance KPIs
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Our Roadmap on Trello

Explore our roadmap: what we’re working on today and in the future. These are some of the key features the Bytes Route team is working on. No worries, it isn’t an extensive list. Some are best kept as a surprise. 🎁

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