Intercom Tours alternative for user onboarding?

Avoid paying exorbitant fees for onboarding solutions.
A simple and powerful solution for your onboarding needs. I got our first tour created in minutes, using the Google Chrome extension for Bytes Route.
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Philip Petrescu

Founder / Advanced Web Ranking


Build product tours without writing code

No code

Use the Chrome extension to build and test your tours without requiring a developer to help.

Cloud based

Your tours are automatically saved and integrated into your web-app without needing to install on-premise software.

Empower your users with manual and automated tours

"Getting Started" tours

Provide simple tours for new users to help them get started, while allowing them to control the experience.

API-trigger tours

Guide all the users through a predefined tour to ensure a consistent training.

Cost effective solution

Pay for value

No code implementation with powerful extensibility

You can create and configure tours without being a developer. But if you like getting your hands dirty you can specify custom triggers.

Easy editing

If you change a page on your website you can use our Chrome extension to update your tours without recreating them from scratch.

Top support & documentation

Over 3 million hours of combined experience

Our team has been shipping software to tens of thousands of users for almost 20 years.

Clean & up to date documentation

Take a look at our documentation and get started in minutes!

Best support

Get quick answers to your questions via email and live chat. The support team is always here to help you.

Excellent Support
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