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for Startups and Non-Technical Professionals

  • Unlimited web domains
  • Unlimited Web Tours
  • Unlimited Steps per Web Tours
  • Unlimited Assists (Web Tours ran or activate)
  • Unlimited Active Users (MAUs)
  • 3 active Product tours running concurrently
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Bytesroute digital adoption platform

What is a Digital Adoption Platform?

A short history of Digital Adoption Solutions & Interesting Data

A Digital Adoption Platform is a software that helps improve the user onboarding experience and product consumption.

Some of the players focus more on the digital onboarding platform and develop the software continuously, while others have their main product along with a secondary product to cover some needs of the digital adoption process.

They act as a layer on top of your website, web product, or SaaS product and give step-by-step educational instructions through interaction and engagement.

Some DAPs are complex software solutions for sophisticated onboarding needs - usually with detailed analytics data for enterprise customers.

Initially, a DAP (digital adoption platform) was used mainly for onboarding complex digital processes, but it has also proven to be a great tool for general announcements, new features announcements, feedback gathering, and highlighting specific sections of your website or web app.

Some DAPs are ready-to-use software products valuable for teams focused on getting results in terms of product consumption and not so much on vanity KPIs. Others are completely customizable based on your specific needs.

Usually, DAPs are a key part of the digital transformation process and become increasingly important in the software stack of a customer-centric or a market-centric company.

Allows self onboarding based on every person-specific needs and availability.

There are over 70 players in the digital adoption platforms industry.

Are centered on people and proven to enhance engagement in a fun way, while involving the user continuously.

Where does Bytes Route fit in
the Digital Adoption Software world?

  • Bytes Route was designed as a tool for non-technical professionals. But in practice, it could be useful to everyone that needs a tool that just works
  • Publishers can manage the web tours directly from the Chrome extension or the Bytes Route dashboard
  • End-users will be served all the tours without limitations
  • Bytes Route is a complete digital onboarding platform to use for:
  • Different types of digital onboarding tours: general in-app announcements, as many you need steps for the onboarding process
  • Multilanguage support
  • Offer a personalized experience with the help of custom themes and the option to remove the Bytes Route watermark
  • Analytics about the performance of the web tours
  • A smart choice for Startups and for teams that are interested in the efficiency of the digital onboarding process is one of the most affordable digital onboarding platforms in the industry
  • These are the professionals getting the highest value from the Bytes Route right now:
  • Product Owners, Product Managers, Product Marketers
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Onboarding, and Customer Success Professionals
  • Customer Support
  • Sales Professionals

How is Bytes Route different from all the other digital adoption solutions:

  • No cookies stored. You don’t need to worry about cookie policy updates or any other regulations
  • No coding is needed. There is an initial setup step that requires adding Bytes Route in the header of your website or web application. After that you’re ready to go
  • It works as a Chrome extension
  • No consultant is needed. It’s ready to use
  • No limitation in terms of licensing. We know how complicated the DAS/DAP licensing is. Bytes Route decided to break all these strings and keep it simple
  • Free and trial version available. Implementing a digital adoption platform is no easy task. You need some time to properly use the platform and make an informed decision
  • The technology behind selecting HTML elements

What is the role of a Digital Onboarding Platform?

Onboarding customers and employees is not a new concept. It’s been here for the last two decades. An onboarding process is a serious part of the customer lifecycle.

Still, it is often disregarded and seen as less important than product management, sales or customer support, ignoring the fact that when done right, the onboarding process has an outstanding impact on the overall success of SaaS products.

These relatively new digital onboarding platforms come with a new dimension that fosters the scalability of the onboarding effort. Its true goal is to automatize and promote the adoption of web products and services – as well as address the challenges companies are facing in a complex digital environment.

  • But a digital onboarding platform also brings many other beefits:
  • An improved user experience
  • Enchanted productivity
  • Improved education and product consumption
  • What are a DAP’s functionalities to address every stage of adoption:
  • Activation
  • Informing and onboarding
  • Driving discovery and improving competences
  • Improved education and product consumption
  • Supporting, Engaging, and Retaining
  • Measuring, Analyzing and Enhancing

Digital Adoption Platforms for Start-ups

In terms of digital onboarding, startups need/appreciate:

  • A digital onboarding solution that works with the minimum intervention. That’s why Bytes Route is a ready-to-use onboarding tool with no coding or complex setups needed
  • Zero impact over the cookie and privacy policies. These policies are usually enforced when incorporating new software products into the app stack. Bytes Route doesn’t keep any cookies, so no personal data is stored or used. Bytes Route only cookies that will show in the performance analytics
  • Friendly to any type of professional within the company no matter how tech-savvy they are
  • Versatile apps: digital adoption tools that can be used by different departments concurrently to announce, activate, or onboard different users of a website or app
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  • Solutions that allow automation: startups often don’t have all the resources needed to intervene in the onboarding process, so anything that can be automated is a plus
  • Scalable digital onboarding. Technology should help you scale your business. With Bytes Route, you can publish your tours to all your users and visitors with no selection applied
  • A solution that supports their growth with no financial concerns
  • Affordable pricing
  • A licensing plan that allows using a free digital adoption platform indefinitely