Product Tour Software for Web Applications

Bytes Route Product Tour helps you simplify complex user onboarding processes and build intuitive and easy-to-follow product tours.

Easy to Build, Use and Follow
No Complex or Misleading Design. Simple as from A to B
Perfect for Startups and Non-Technical Professionals
No coding knowledge required


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The Future of Digital Product Tours

Cut out the costs within your organization or team

Turn boring, inefficient onboarding with in-app engaging product walkthroughs.

Effective communication and personalized product tours

Minimize friction by providing customized product tours and communicating with users easily and efficiently.

Speed up the onboarding process

Skip the traditional onboarding process, which can take weeks or months, and provide walkthroughs to your users right away.

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How Does Bytes Route Product Tour Work?


Make sure you have an up and running Bytes Route account (if not, sign up for free here)

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Install the Bytes Route Chrome Extensions



Open a new tab in your browser and navigate to your website

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Find and click the Bytes Route Chrome extension in the top-right corner of your browser

Bytes Route Product Tour Features

Create Web Product Tours Tailored to Each of Your Scenarios

Onboarding Tour

Use Bytes Route Onboarding Tour to

  • Provide new visitors with a tour of the website as a welcome to the site
  • Introduce existing users to new features
  • Provide a walkthrough of the web application areas without the users having to interact with the page

Helper Tour

Use Bytes Route Helper Tour to

  • Target specific actions or steps that a user is struggling with
  • Allow users to interact with your page/web product
  • Create how-to guides, tutorials, and educational content for your users


Use Bytes Route Tooltip to

  • Highlight new changes and new features within your web product
  • Best for offering highly contextual guides
  • Improve the visibility of hidden buttons, sections, areas that your users usually tend to skip
  • Handy for displaying in-app messaging

Choose How is Best to Run Your
Interactive Product Tours


Set In-app Product Tours to Run Automatically

Prevent Slow Loading Product Tours With the Autorun Delay


Display Product Tours Visibility Within UI Help Widget

Launch Your Product Tour Programmatically


Bytes Route - Product Tour Software for Web Application

Switch your complex user onboarding guides to intuitive and easy-to-follow product tours.

Use Cases for Product Tours

Bytes Route Key Features

Unlimited Active Users (MAUs)

Unlimited web Domains/Web Tours

Unlimited Steps per Web Tours

Try Bytes Route and Check It Yourself How Simple it is


FAQs Product Tour

Product tours are an effective way to engage customers and increase conversion rates. They also help users understand the features of the product better, onboard new users, and get them excited about your product.

First, choose a digital adoption platform best suited for your product web app. You can use Bytes Route since it offers a freemium plan. Next, to make a product tour, install the web extension (Bytes Route Chrome Extension). Once that, go to the web page for which you want to create the in-app tour, and from the top-right corner of your browser, find and click on the extension.

Product walkthroughs are one of the best ways to onboard users with your product. They can be used for both new users who want to get a general overview of what the software is about and regular users who need to refresh their knowledge about the product basics.

Product tours are an important part of any digital platform. They allow the user to see the product in action and get a feel for how it works. Product tours are effective, especially for products that have complex features or require some level of training before use.

There are many free product tour software tools on the market. Some of them are interactive, while others are in-app. You can try Bytes Route (free version) which has a wide range of features that make it easy to create fully interactive product walkthroughs for your web app and website.

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