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Gain unmatched engagement and increase the product adoption rate of your web app with product onboarding tours


How Bytes Route Works as a Product Adoption Tool?

1.Create your free Bytes Route account

Just provide your name, email address, and password, and you are set.

After registration, log in to your newly created account.


2. Install the Bytes Route extension

To create and edit product tours directly on your web app, make sure to install Bytes Route Chrome Extension.



3. Create your first product tour

After you install the Chrome extension, you can start creating your first product tour.

There are 4 steps you have to go through to build your first product tour.

4. Connect your web app with Bytes Route

To be able to publish your product tours on your web app, you have to connect Bytes Route with your application.



How Bytes Route helps you increase
your product adoption rate

1. Internal product launch

Communicate efficiently product changes to your team

➔ The Teams feature allows you to collaborate on creating, editing, and managing tours with your peers.

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2. Official product launch

Announce features the right way

➔ Check how you can customize your product tours and improve brand identity with: UI themes customisation, and Multi-language support

UI Themes customisation

From the themes tab you can change the look and feel of your guides without writing any code.

Multi-language support

Specify a language for your onboarding content.

3. Product consumption

Onboard, educate, and train your users effectively

➔ Depending on your needs, you can choose to create 3 main tour types: Onboarding ToursHelper Tours, and Tooltips.

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4. Measure product launch

Analyse and improve your tours based on usage data

➔ The Analytics feature enables you to analyze, adapt and improve your tours to offer the best experiences for your users and maximize your KPIs.

Where does Bytes Route fit in the Digital Adoption Software world?

Digital adoption solution for product people

product managers

Product Managers

prod marketing

Product Marketers

Why choose Bytes Route?



• We stay true to our promise – no-coding knowledge is required to create content for your digital onboarding programs.

• Dedicated to non-tech people to provide in-app guides and tooltips for a smooth onboarding experience.

No cookie policy

• You can make the tour available to everyone who visits a specific page without changing any cookie restrictions.

• There are no concerns regarding the GDPR, and there is no preparation effort.

• Begin as soon as possible. Concentrate solely on the adoption.


• Simply follow the four steps outlined above, and you’ll be good to go.

• No developers for maintaining the integrated code and the entire website.

• Create product tours right away and activate them whenever you want.

• Get unlimited web tours played.

Start adding real value to your product. Try Bytes Route, today.

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