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What is SaaS customer onboarding?

Onboarding within a Saas is a process aimed at improving customers' success when using a software platform. The process is usually created and managed by Product Owners, Customer Success Managers, Onboarding Specialists, Experience Designers, Product Marketers, etc.

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The end goals of the onboarding are informing and convincing customers of the value the software service can provide them, as quickly and non-invasive as possible. If the users are efficiently exposed to the core elements of a product the first time they use it, then the chances of adoption and retention are greatly increased.

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The first experiences are designed with a user-centric approach. They need to provide all the necessary information & knowledge to the Saas customers in order to become proficient in using the software, as fast as possible.

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The SaaS onboarding can be developed in-house or using third-party software tools for an improved experience and much lower developments costs.



The Saas onboarding process



Turn boring, inefficient onboarding with in-app engaging product walkthroughs.



The right onboarding content provided at the right time makes the difference between customer success and failure.



Nobody gets it right on the first try. Make constant onboarding content improvements based on

Benefits of using a digital adoption tool

  • Increased product consumption
  • Less customer support tickets
  • Improved trial-to-customer conversion rate
  • Increased customer retention
  • Reduced churn rate
  • Happy product managers
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How Bytes Route helps your customer onboarding

Interactive product tours

  • Simple and easy to use Chrome extension - create and edit all tours directly on your website or your web app
  • Effective in communicating important information
  • Brand consistent looks
  • Easy to create, test and launch

Discover how to create product tours using Bytes Route

saas onboarding software


  • Provide contextual guidance to your customers
  • Highlight and explain new or complex features
  • Easy to spot, offer a non-intrusive experience
  • Easy to create and run live on your web application

Learn how to design tooltips using Bytes Route

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Help widget

  • Show users what's important in your SaaS and how to use it efficiently
  • Provide help across all the pages of your web applications
  • Let your Saas users come back to specific product tours any time they need
  • Take pressure off your support and training teams

Learn how to use the Tours Launch Widget

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Analyse and improve the onboarding

  • Check the analytics reports to see how your in-app guides are performing and adjust them
  • Analyse the tour steps where people tend to be confused, when errors occur or when customers quit the tour
  • Take action when opportunities arise. Create new content or update existing materials

Understand how Analytics work in Bytes Route

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FAQ SaaS onboarding

What is SaaS onboarding?

Software as a Service (SaaS) onboarding is the process of helping the users of a software to become familiar with the product and engage with it effectively, so they get the best experience.

Why is Saas onboarding important?

With proper onboarding, SaaS customers can more easily see the value they can receive from the product and how it might help them reach their goals. Also, this has a significant impact on customer retention rates - you can't expect customers to stick around if they have a poor onboarding experience.

What are the benefits of using a Saas onboarding tool?

Guide your new users to achieve their goals when using your web application. Increase trial conversions, user engagement, and product adoption rates. Reduce your development costs and churn rates. Take off the pressure from your support and training teams.

How can I use Bytes Route as my SaaS onboarding tool?

There are 5 simple steps to set up Bytes Route and create your first tour: 1. Register for an account. 2. Install the Chrome Extension 3. Create your onboarding content 4. Connect your web applications to Bytes Route 5. Publish your first tour.

Is Bytes Route a free SaaS onboarding software?

Yes, Bytes Route offers a free subscription plan and a 60-day full feature free trial. No credit card is required.