Bytes Route 1.0.0 Release Notes

The first stable version of Bytes Route is here! We are proud to announce that July 31st, 2020 marks the release of Bytes Route v1.0.0 – Ant 🐜 This release

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NPM is an acronym for the node package manager. It is the largest software registry in the world. It has three roles, to install packages or modules, to host, and

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RESTFul APIs: Security Tips

This is the fifth article in a five part series on RESTful APIs. Intro Basic security should be in the mind of every developer, even in start-ups. Strong security means protection

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RESTFul APIs: Servers & Node.js

This is the third article in a five part series on RESTful APIs. What is Node.js? Node.js is an open-source runtime for JavaScript. It was created by Ryan Dall in 2009.

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RESTFul APIs: Definition

This is the second article in a five part series on RESTful APIs. Architecture style, stateless, and design constraints Everybody uses REST applications to access information from the internet. REST APIs

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RESTFul APIs: Networking

This is the first article in a five part series on RESTful APIs. RESTful APIs are usually built over the internet. But what is the internet? What is the internet? From Wikipedia,

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RESTFul APIs: from zero to HERO

We are writing this five parts tutorial to serve as a complete beginner guide to RESTful APIs using Node.js and Express. We tackle everything from networking to persistency. The motivation

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