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Bytes Route 1.19 Release Notes 

New release: Bytes Route version 1.19.0 – Tyrannosaurus rex 🦖

Description We are thrilled to present the latest version of Bytesroute, 1.19 (Tyrannosaurus Rex). This release brings several significant enhancements and new features that will make your experience with Bytesroute even more enjoyable and efficient.

Summary / short description (for blog card): enhances your guided tour experience with new features, including tour testing and editing, and a smoother creation flow + bugfixes


Tour Testing and Editing

  • One of the most highly anticipated features is now available! You can now test and edit the tours you’ve created in Bytesroute. This provides you with greater flexibility in crafting and fine-tuning the user experience.


  • Improvements to the Creation Flow – We’ve listened to your feedback and made some significant improvements to the tour creation flow. The process is now smoother and more intuitive, allowing you to create guided tours more quickly and easily.

Bug Fixes

  1. Opening a tour on another team will reset its theme – Previously, when opening a tour on another team, the theme settings were being unintentionally reset. This issue has been fixed, ensuring that the theme settings remain consistent when accessing tours on different teams.
  2. A browser error is raised when trying to access a non-existent tour’s page – We’ve resolved a situation where attempting to access a non-existent tour’s page would trigger a browser error. You will now receive a more user-friendly notification when trying to access tours that don’t exist.
  3. “Connect to Bytesroute” content is shown even on previous tabs – Previously, “Connect to Bytesroute” content was persistently displayed even on previously opened tabs. We’ve rectified this, and now the content will only be displayed when and where intended.
  4. Fix page verification when starting a tour from the launcher – We’ve fixed an issue related to page verification when initiating a tour from the launcher. You can now start tours seamlessly with improved page verification.

These bug fixes should contribute to a smoother and more trouble-free experience while using Bytesroute. If you encounter any additional issues or have further feedback, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Your input is invaluable in helping us improve Bytesroute.

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