Digital Resilience

What is Digital Resilience?

Digital resilience refers to an organization’s capacity to maintain operations in the face of a setback and to remain profitable while limiting harm to its clients, reputation, and bottom line. 

Maintaining your ability to function during a disruption, as well as preparing for and benefiting from new circumstances, requires digital resilience. It includes company security, agility, and speed, all of which are supported by solid digital technology and procedures.

Why is Digital Resilience Important?

Digital resilience is fundamental for companies to prosper during difficult times. 

If your company is digitally resilient, it will be able to predict, react, learn from, and move forward in the face of uncontrollable events that are influenced by technological progress. 

Even in situations where traditional businesses would only discover failure, digital resilience helps in identifying commercial and growth opportunities.

Digital resilience allows businesses to: 

  • Adapt to shifting market conditions and a changing landscape.
  • Apply data and digital governance strategies across the entire organization to deal with disruptions.
  • Boost innovation capacity.
  • Quickly adapt to changing customer needs.

How can a company strengthen its digital resilience?

The organization’s executive team should periodically review its risk management (and opportunity management) initiatives and determine whether its current level of digital resilience is still appropriate for the more extensive risk landscape. They have to make sure that the business is still able to see and deal with threats in the digital age.

In reality, this means taking a look at the company’s digital infrastructure and figuring out how it affects the company’s overall resilience. 

This stage is crucial because even if technology enhances security, increased resilience may not always follow. A new security initiative may potentially weaken overall resilience and competitiveness if it compromises company agility or process integrity.

What is the difference between digital resilience and cybersecurity?

What is the difference between digital resilience and cybersecurity?

Digital resilience is not the same thing as cyber security. Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting an organization’s computer systems and data against outside attacks.

Building up your company’s digital resilience requires a more patient approach and a commitment to maximum security. Planning ahead and having the equipment, supplies, and people on hand to deal with potential threats is what risk management is all about.

The key to improving your company’s digital resilience is to take the long view and implement strong security measures. The key is to be proactive in preparing for potential threats and then using those preparations to build a strong defense.

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