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What is an automation platform?

Automation platforms are a type of cloud-based software that many companies use for a wide range of tasks. In the area of digital transformation, these platforms help organizations do more work while spending less time and money.

Why should I use automation software?

Automation helps save time, money, and effort while decreasing the number of human errors, allowing your business to focus on its primary objectives. Time spent on boring, repetitive tasks can be reduced.

When a process is automated, it is carried out in a consistent and error-free manner, guaranteeing high-quality results.

Here are some benefits of using automation software:

Benefits of Using an Automation Platform

How to choose the right automation software for your business?

When selecting the best automation platform to meet your company’s objectives, there are a number of factors to take into account. 

Therefore, the first thing you must determine is what you actually need. Are there any repeated tasks? Which KPIs for performance do you want to raise?

Some other important steps include:

1. Make a feature checklist for business automation software.

Some of the questions you can ask yourself when choosing an automation platform include:

  • Do you want to make your marketing efforts more efficient?
  • What conditions must be fulfilled to create an integral algorithm?
  • What decisions take the most time to make?
  • What factors do we need to consider if working with unpredictable factors?

2. Use System Integration

Make sure the automation technology you’ve chosen can be quickly integrated with other systems. 

In the contemporary digital environment, system integration is essential. Integration is a great way to make sure everything works smoothly and makes it convenient to create consistent data.

3. Recognize Navigation Capabilities

Make sure that both you and your staff will be able to use the software easily. Most time-saving benefits will be useless if your solution is difficult to set up and operate.

The greatest way to test navigation is in use. Talking to a knowledgeable Quality Assurance Engineer (QA) is the best way to make sure that the tasks you are automating go off without a hitch.

4. Use AI or Machine Learning

Business process automation is continually improving. McKinsey is talking about the next wave of automation, called Intelligent Process Automation (IPA). IPA is made up of artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning, natural language processing, and object character recognition. The outcomes of IPA, according to McKinsey, will be astounding:

  • 50-70% of tasks will be automated 
  • 20-30% income growth
  • 50-60 straight-through processes time reduction

5. Do you need more customer service?

When you choose the best automation solution, you don’t just buy a complete product; you also get good customer service from the provider.

You need to make sure that the organization will give you high-quality options for ongoing service through the best channels. Therefore, when searching for a company to offer you business automation software solutions, look for those who can effectively support them.

6. Be Aware Of Security Risks

Select a solution that employs every security step conceivable to thwart a potential cyberattack. Business operations are streamlined and accelerated by digital automation, but it also leaves them more open to outside intrusion by hackers.

7. Quality Control 

Apply quality control criteria to your automation tool to find any potential flaws. Check and evaluate the solution’s effectiveness early on to make sure it works as you expected.

8. Research your options

Look for the right solutions and technologies that have been used for a while and have a track record of giving a return on investment. Consider all of the potential functional and operational outcomes of the suggested solutions. If any of them still doesn’t work for you, start thinking about creating a specialized solution.

9. Go for a Customized Business Automation Software Tool

Create your own automation program with the precise options and functionality required, especially for your business needs. Your organization will benefit from a customized business automation platform, which can deliver many proactive capabilities in addition to efficiency gains.

What are marketing automation platforms?

Platforms for marketing automation are employed as a hosted or web-based solution, and customers do not need to install any software. Marketing automation technology is used to automate high-touch, time-consuming manual activities in order to streamline sales and marketing companies.

Which are the best email automation platforms?


Mailchimp offers simple marketing automation features.

  • With if/else rules,
  • Time delays, 
  • Tagging and grouping your audience members, 
  • Making subscribers repeat a journey


ActiveCampaign gives you the opportunity to enhance not only the effectiveness, productivity, and growth of your business, but also the customer experience.

You can utilize ActiveCampaign’s artificial intelligence-powered sales, and marketing automation software to maintain positive interactions with the environment. This makes it easier for businesses to connect with their customers and to speed up the procedures involved in that interaction.


MailerLite is the easiest to use.

With MailerLite’s simple software, you can easily build unique popups and landing pages, track results, manage new subscribers and unsubscribes, and swiftly create stunning email campaigns. MailerLite keeps the software straightforward and user-friendly for everyone while providing a wealth of practical features and connectors.


HubSpot is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that brings everything a growing business needs to provide best-in-class customer service together in one location. It is often helpful for marketing departments when managing leads or touchpoints with their customers, as well as email marketing. 


Moosend is a cloud-based email marketing platform that runs a variety of email campaigns, mailing lists, and newsletters, among other things. A drag-and-drop email editor, automation features, real-time analytics, and email templates are all included in the solution, which is appropriate for small businesses and freelancers of any size. Functionalities in Moosend are super convenient, with a user-friendly interface that facilitates automation, landing page creation, etc.

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