Tour Types

Before diving straight into tour-building, it's good to know what the different tour types are. Most tour types fall under the following three categories:

Tooltip Tour

This guide has only 1 pop-up (step) and is best used as a contextual highlighter of a new feature that is now available in your app or an element that changed position and is now part of another component. The user sees the update and can press OK to dismiss the pop-up.


A tooltip-type tour running

Onboarding Tour

The onboarding guide is, as the name suggests, used to give a quick tour of the website to new users or show existing users a redesigned version your website. It usually has between 3 and 15 steps. Bytes Route doesn’t have an upper step limit, but we suggest that you generally stick fewer steps in order to keep it light and easy to understand for your end-users.

When creating an onboarding type tour, we suggest you set step navigation to be performed via [Next step] button, since the user will be given a “tour” of the main app areas without having to interact with the page itself, other than pressing Next.

This isn’t a rule, it's more of a suggestion. It is possible to create a more interactive onboarding tour in which the user has to press elements on your page to progress.


An onboard-type tour running

Helper Tour

This guide type is best suited for targeting specific actions that a user is struggling with. The user would open up the Launch widget and search for a guide matching his particular issue. Examples of possible actions that can be made into helper-type tours:

  • How to change a profile picture
  • How to change billing
  • How to change the password
  • How to delete an item in your library

As a tour creator, you can consult with your customer support team or try to think of the most common areas where your users are having issues and try to create a tour for those specific issues.


A helper-type tour running