How creators test tours

After creating a tour, we recommend testing it in order to see if it runs as intended, or if it can be improved. Creators can test their new product tours in 2 ways:

Testing from the Chrome Extension

  • The Tour Editor Extension contains a list of all created tours. Clicking any of them will launch that tour.
  • Launching tours from the Extension is a way for creators to test their newly created tours quickly.
  • For more info, you can read the Extension docs.

Testing from the Tour Options

  • The Detailed View of each tour in the Dashboard also contains the option to Launch the Tour directly from that page.
  • For more info, you can read the Tour Options docs.

While testing your tours, you might notice certain improvements that you can make. These are the most common things you can encounter while testing:

  • A text has a typo in it
  • You want to remove one of the steps
  • You want to change the highlighted element for one of the steps

If you want to edit a tour to fix issues, such as the ones described above, you will need to edit the tour. For more information check the Editing Tours docs.