Teams Overview

The Teams feature allows Bytes Route users to invite and collaborate with their colleagues. Developers, designers, managers, customer support, business analysts, etc, all are welcome to take part and share their skills in creating relevant experiences.

How do teams work?

All users have a new team when registering an account. The initial team follows the name pattern: YourName’s Team (where YourName is the Name you used for registration).

The name of a team can be edited and changed, as needed, from the Team Management panel.

When saving a product tour, in the Tour finalization popup, the creator must assign a team to the created tour from the dropdown list. This operation is mandatory and cannot be omitted as a tour can only belong to a single team. This way, even when a team member in the organization leaves and the owner decides to remove him from the team, the tour created by that ex-member will remain.

Team script

Each team created within Bytes Route has its own ID and its own script. The code snippet containing the Team ID can be found in the web app, in the Dashboard tab, and under the Connect to Bytes Route section.

team script
The Bytes Toute script for a team

Moving a tour to another team

If you wish to move a tour to another team, you can Edit the tour, and in the Tour finalization popup, you can assign a different team.

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