Analytics Overview

Tour Analytics is data about a tour’s performance expressed in numbers.

You can analyze these data points to improve the experience of the product tours and maximize your KPIs.

How to view tour analytics

Step 1: From the  Product Tours tab, in the Domain Card containing the tour, click the See Details button of any Tour:

analytics access
Accessing analytics

How to access a tour’s analytics page

Step 2: This will bring you to the Tour Details.

This menu contains the Basic Analytics – tour stats and the Advanced Analytics – steps stats.

analytics view
The tour’s analytics view

Quick tour analytics

You can also view a set of basic tour analytics on the Product Tours page.

  • the tour completion rate (%)
  • total encountered errors

quick analytics
Basic tour analytics in the Product Tours view

Analytics for all the tours

You can see an overview of all the tour data in the Experience tab within the Secondary navigation – Product Tours section

This component contains the following:

  • Completion rate – an average of the completion rates for all the active tours (link to active tours)
  • Started tours – the sum of the started metric on all the tours
  • Completed tours – the sum of the completed metric on all the tours
  • Stopped tours – the sum of the stopped metric on all the tours
analytics all
Quick analytics for all tours

When analytics numbers update

The tour Analytics numbers will only modify when tours are launched with one of the following methods:

When analytics numbers do NOT update

The numbers will not modify when creators test tours. This means that when tours are launched using the methods below will NOT update your tour statistics:

  • Launching tours from the tour builder
  • Clicking on the Run tour button on the Tour options page

Resetting analytics

reset analytics
Reset analytics

Analytics data can sometimes be altered if you add or remove the steps of a tour. We recommend you reset the analytics after major changes. Resetting analytics data is done for both Tour and Step analytics. There are two Reset Analytics options. Both actions are permanent and irreversible:

Clear all errors

This option will reset the errors for the tour and all the steps to 0.

Reset statistics

This option will reset all Analytics fields for the current tour to 0.

An alternative way to clear errors

You can also reset the tour errors from the Product Tour page. You can find this in the More Options dropdown.

error clearing alternative
Clearing errors from the Product Tours view
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