Installing the script with Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a management tool that allows users to create custom tags for monitoring analytics, conversion and more. Using Google Tag Manager makes it easier to add HTML/JavaScript snippets to your website. It only takes a few minutes to connect to Bytes Route.

Video: How to install the Bytes Route script with Google Tag Manager

Installation Process

To add the Bytes Route code to Google Tag Manager, log in to your GTM account and select the appropriate container for your site.

Step 1: Under New Tag, Click to Add a new tag

gtm step1 1
Adding a new tag in Google Tag Manager

Step 2: Open tag configuration and “Choose tag type” > Custom HTML.

gtm step2 1
Choose custom HTML tag

Step 3: Paste your code to the HTML text area.

gtm step3 1
Paste the HTML code snippet in the Tag Configuration

Step 4: Open trigger configuration and select “All Pages”.

gtm step4 1
Choose the “All Pages” trigger

Step 5: Save the created tag.

gtm step5 1
Save the tag

Step 6: Publish this change by clicking on the Submit button.

gtm step6 1
Publish changes in the Tag Manager

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