Editing a tour in the Chrome Extension

Editing a tour is possible by using the Bytes Route Chrome Extension. Creators can edit a step description, delete a step or reorder existing steps. Editing is possible during the tour creation and after saving.

Editing a tour while creating it

A product tour can be edited while being created. This can be done by opening the extension during the tour creation phase. The edit actions that can be performed are:

  • delete: performed by clicking the Trash bin button next to a step
  • step text edit: performed by clicking the text area of a step
  • step reorder: performed by clicking the step that the user wishes to reorder. After, use the up/down arrow to move the step to the new position.
tour edit

Editing a step in the extension during the creation phase

Editing a tour after creation

A team member can edit an existing tour by finding it in the extension, in the list with all available tours, hovering over it to bring forward the option buttons, and clicking on the Edit button.

While in Edit Mode, the creator can add or remove steps, and edit the text of a particular step. To save the changes and exit the Edit Mode, click on Save & Finish.

extension basic

The Bytes Route Chrome extension in default (idle) mode

Changing tour info

After the tour creation, if you want to change a tour’s name, team, or language, you can press the Edit Button in the extension, and, in the Tour Finalization window, change the desired fields (name, team, language).