Launch Widget options

You can access the launch widget options in the Launch widget tab. You can change the following elements on this page:

Description text

Provide your end-users with a relevant textual description of what the launch widget contains.

In the following picture, the text description is: “How it works”. A good practice is to keep the description short and simple.

widget text description
The Launch Widget on Bytes Route

Widget positioning

This option lets creators choose where the launch widget will appear on the screen. Currently, there are two options:

  • bottom-left
  • bottom-right (default value)
Launch Widget positioning

Widget visibility

This option lets creators choose what pages (URLs) the launch widget will be available on. The options are:

  • Display on all pages – This option allows the launch widget to be displayed on all the pages of the domain where the Bytes Route script is installed.
  • Display only on pages where tours exist – This option allows the launch widget to be displayed on pages where tours have at least one step navigating through those pages. (default value)
Launch Widget visibility

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