Creating a new team

A Team can be created by clicking the Teams dropdown and then clicking the +Add a new Team button.

add team button
The button for creating a team

This will bring forward the Team creation pop-up:

team create
Team creation pop-up

Add a name for your new team and press the Create button to finalize the team creation process. You will get a Team creation success window if the team has been successfully created:

team create success
Team creation success pop-up

Notice that the newly created team is added at the end of the team dropdown list,. You can click it to activate the team and view the tours and management options for it.

team new
The newly created team appears in the team dropdown

When you create a team, you are automatically set as the owner of that team. You can rename the team and manage its members from the Team Management panel.

Deleting a team

This feature is not yet supported. For deleting a team, please contact us.

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