Creating a product tour

What is a product tour?

A product tour is an online tutorial that takes users across the steps they need to get set up and execute tasks within your product. The most effective way for your users to learn about your product is for them to use it. Find out more about product tours in this blog post.

How to build a product tour?

To build a walkthrough tour in Bytes Route, you will need to understand and make use of the following:

  • Understand the common types of product tours that can be crafted in Bytes Route.
  • Initiate tour creation by typing, in a new tab, the URL of your desired web page. Running tours live requires the installation of the Bytes Route script on your web application.
  • The Bytes Route Chrome Extension enables the tour builder, which is the tool used for content building, editing, and testing. Once on the desired page, click on the Bytes Route Extension to open the tour builder, log in or register to Bytes Route, and start creating tours.
  • The anchor selector enables the selection of page elements used for creating steps.
  • The Step editor, within the tour builder, allows the addition of step descriptions and navigation options.
  • The Tour finalization options within the tour builder. Using it, creators can set tour properties such as title, description, team, custom theme, and language.

More info about tour creation can be found in the blog post: Bytes Route: a practical example

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