Using the Chrome extension

The Chrome Extension is the tool for creating and managing tours in Bytes Route.

You can download the extension from the Google Web Store.

extension basic

The extension in default (idle) mode

Creating tours with the extension

After installing the extension, the user should navigate to the page he wishes to start the tour from and open the extension by clicking the Bytes Route logoin the top-right corner of the browser.

Tour creation starts by pressing the Start Recording button. The extension automatically closes, and the user will transition to the Creation Mode. In this mode, the user can freely choose elements in the page using the Element selector.

While in Creation Mode, end-users can freely open and close the extension at any time, by clicking the Bytes Route logo.

Re-opening the extension during the creation phase can be useful to check and/or edit the steps added so far. Tour steps can be deleted, reordered and the text contents can be changed during creation. More info can be found in the Tour Edit Docs.

extension creating

Extension explained in creating mode

Managing tours with the extension

The extension can also be used to test and manage existing tours. The user can test-launch existing tours from the extension and perform any desired changes to the tour structure.

The list of actions that a user can perform from the extension:

  • delete = permanently delete a tour (this action is irreversible)
  • edit = edit an existing tour (add, remove, reorder, rephrase steps)
  • copy URL = copies the dashboard URL of a tour
extension idle

Extension explained in (idle) mode